Quick Install

$ npm install --production
$ npm start &


Theme Structure

├── /assets
    ├── /css
        ├── screen.css
    ├── /fonts
    ├── /images
    ├── /js
├── /partials
    ├── list-post.hbs
├── default.hbs
├── index.hbs [required]
└── post.hbs [required]
└── package.json [required]


Block Helpers

{{#if}}{{/if}}, {{#foreach posts}}{{/foreach}}

Layout Expressions

{{!< default}} - to declare that it extends the default layout

Partial Expressions

Partials allow you to create small reusable templates which you include in other template files. For example, you might create a loop.hbs partial which you use on all of the listing templates to output a short post excerpt. Partials have to live in the /partials/ directory, and are output with the {{> loop}} partial helper. The partial helper will also take a string path if you have subdirectories inside your partials directory, e.g. {{> ‘author/mini-bio’}}.

{{> loop}}